Five Scottish superstitions I grew up with

This week, in honour of Halloween, I thought I would share the top 5 superstitions I carry with me from growing up with a Scottish mother.

1. Cross your knife and fork at the dinner table when laying them down.

Result: Someone is going to have an argument.

2. Give a knife, or cutting instrument as a present without giving some form of money (usually a coin).

Result: You could sever the friendship.

3. Accidently drop a fork on the floor.

Result: You’re going to have company.

4. Give a purse or wallet as a gift without including some money.

Result: The person receiving the purse or wallet will be challenged by money troubles.

5. The first person through your door after the New Year begins should be a dark-haired male carrying food and fuel.

Result: This will ensure you have prosperity and good health for the year.  (Known as the “First Footer”).

These are the first five that came to mind, but there are more!

Happy Halloween