On going grey

A few years ago I tried of colouring my hair. I’d been colouring since my late teens, more for style than to cover grey hair. 

When I first made the big decision to go natural, I was 47, and I bravely let it grow out so none of my colour was artificial,

But I  was just not ready for the look yet.  The grey then was not as spread out as I had hoped and looked like sparse patches here and there.

Three years later, when 50 was approaching I decided to give it a try again.  This time the grey was more plentiful so I was more comfortable. 

I doubt I’ll go back to colour again.  I love being free of the chemicals and the time and cost commitment of colouring. 

A friend shared this trailer for an upcoming documentary about growing out your grey.  It’s worth a watch, I identify with the sentiments shared.

You can find the Facebook page for the upcoming documentary at this link: Gray is The New Blonde