#SavourySunday: Slow Cooker Cabbage Roll Casserole

Who knew I’d be preparing my second #SavourySunday post sitting in the dark, listening to the gentle hum of the generator outside.

Last night we had a tremendous wind storm, winds between 87-119 km/hour in various parts of New Brunswick. More than 95,000 households lost power, ours was just one of the lucky ones. We are 23 hours without power now, and could be up to 72 hours.

We lost our garden shed to the storm, two

The crumpled shed.

40-foot tall trees fell on it and crumpled one side like a paper bag.

While my husband took care of the yard today, I zipped over to a friend’s house and whipped up a new recipe for slow cooker cabbage roll casserole. A quick Pintrest search led me to the recipe and voila, dinner for the family by LED lantern.

I brought it home still bubbling hot and it was a big hit, destined for lunches and leftovers tomorrow.

Now off to listen to podcasts in the dark by the wood stove, almost like the olden days.