50 Rules Life Playlist: 50 years, 150+ songs

Happy New Year!

Thoughts of celebrating the start of a new year with friends and family spurred me to create a Spotify list of 50 songs which defined my first half-century.

Keeping it to 50 was impossible, so it’s 158 now, and it may grow as I think of more songs.

As a child, music always played in my home. Mom would sing me songs from musicals like My Fair Lady and Sound of Music along with Scottish folk songs, and we did house work to bagpipe band LPs. We had plenty of Motown sounds and bubble gum music from her youth and younger adult years.

Dad would play Elvis. Mom loved John Denver, Roger Whittaker, and Kenny Rogers.

They both loved the Beatles and Simon and Garfunkel.

Towards the mid-1970s and later, CCR, the Eagles, ABBA and Billy Joel became part of the household sound.

There was that weird time time in 1979 when my Dad bought me Amii Stewart’s Knock on Wood album.  I had never heard of her but this was disco entering our house, and that album cover was a bit risqué for 9-year old me.

As I grew and became an adult, I continued to love and collect music of many genres.  I’ve had music in formats from 33 1/3, 45s, LP, 8-track, cassette, CD, MP3, and now via streaming services on iTunes and Spotify.

50 Rules Life - 2The 50 Rules Life Playlist is by no means comprehensive, but each song evokes a memory or period of my life stretching from my earliest childhood memories (Scottish folk songs and Broadway show tunes), to classic hits spanning the 1950s to the 2010s and up to and including a few of my 2018 favourites.

I hope you enjoy the playlist, it’s on Spotify and as of today it will take just 10 hours to listen to every song.

If you can make it through the whole thing, let me know what you think. 🙂

Link to the playlist: 50 Rules Life Playlist