The giving season

When December hits, unless you are the type to have everything done and wrapped by now, your mind likely turns to presents and giving, which leads to shopping and buying.

A few years ago I began to tire of the race to December 24. I wanted to enjoy Christmas as much as I did when I was younger, but it just kept loosing its glimmer for me.

Sure, I loved to see my family joyously opening gifts on Christmas morning, and I particularly enjoyed the quiet time when the whole world slows down from December 24 to the New Year, but, for me, the weeks leading up to the big event did not hold the same anticipation as they once did.

Then, one year I realized that the season for me was no longer about the buying and commercialization. The accumulation of stuff that one-year, two-years, or three-years later might end up in a purge pile to go out of the house.

For me, what most stimulated that Christmas feeling were the traditions and rituals around me that helped people in need during the holidays.

Whether working on the Harbour Lights Campaign raising funds for food banks from St. Stephen to Sussex, or helping put together Christmas baskets for those in need along with my co-workers, these were the things that brought Christmas alive with meaning.

Over these next few weeks I will enjoy watching the spirit of giving that surrounds our community grow and as it does so will the joy of the season grown in me.

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50 Rules Life Blog

While I spend my busy days (and some nights and weekends) as a communications director for a major port, balance is brought to my life by time spent with my better half, our 2 girls, and extended family and friends. My philosophy for life has always been to grab it by the horns and not put off a dream or goal. Live for the moment. Now with 50 years under my belt, I’m reflecting back as I continue to move forward. Dream on, live on.

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