Optimism Bias: Good, bad, indifferent?

As you may have picked up from the About section of this blog, I’m typically an optimistic person.  I always have regarded this as a good thing, but I recently watched a TED Talk by Tali Sharot that explored facets of optimistic bias in people and it has given me food for thought on both the benefits and pitfalls of optimism.

Interestingly, Sharot notes that those with optimism bias continue to seek to succeed, even after facing a failure, because they attribute failure as something unique to that situation and if some some condition were to change, they would save succeeded and they would definitely succeed if they tried it again.

It seems that optimism makes you try harder.

The TED Talk is worth a watch (link below), it’s about 17 minutes long.  Take a few minutes to watch it and let me know are you inflicted with optimistic bias as described in Sharot’s research? If you are, is that a good, bad, or indifferent as you think about how  how you live life?


One comment on “Optimism Bias: Good, bad, indifferent?”
  1. Larry McCarthy says:

    Your the best blogger in the world however I could be a bit bias.

    Liked by 1 person

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